Recently I completed a fabulous training course called ‘First Aid for Mental Health’. It outlines very clearly how all of us can help someone with mental health issues in the first instance, until professional help arrives.  I now feel very confident in my ability to know what to do if that situation ever arises. In the days after completing the course, I was so inspired; I created my course ‘First Aid for Bullying’.

First Aid for Bullying outlines how parents can help their child when they are affected by bullying. Many parents have shared with me that they felt helpless when their child shared with them that they were being bullied. The parents struggled to know what to do or say. They often let their own emotions get in the way. The course is specifically created for parents so they know how to help their child.

First Aid for Bullying describes the way in which someone who is present when the bullying occurs or immediately afterwards. It can by physical aid, psychological aid, or both. It might be you helping your child, or you helping another child in your care. Gosh, it might be a child you don’t know who needs your help one day.

It’s like Medical First Aid Training – you might never need it – but isn’t it great to have (just in case).

In fact, according to research, you probably will need First Aid for Bullying one day. A study in the UK found that 27.9% of children are bullied. Similarly, in Australia, (according to Professor Donna Cross), approximately 27% of Australian students will experience bullying at some stage during their childhood. There is a fair chance you will know, be related to, or live near a child who is affected by bullying.

Imagine knowing what to do, and how to respond calmly and confidently. You could make the difference in a child’s life that day.