Are you feeling stressed at work?  Are you at work, but so overwhelmed your productivity is reduced? Perhaps you are making ‘silly’ mistakes you normally wouldn’t? You are not alone. Stress in the Workplace is costing the Australian economy $14.81 billion each year. Research suggests that you will lose 3.2 days per year through workplace stress (some people call them Mental Health days).

You can reduce the effects significantly by developing Strong Minds at Workapproach. A Strong Minds at Work approach involves three key ingredients to reduce the (potentially) harmful effects of stress.

Belief Intelligence:

Some recent research suggests that it’s not stress that is harmful, it’s the belief that stress is harmful that is affecting people. Belief intelligence involves being aware of what you believe about stress, and changing it if it is unresourceful.

Emotional Intelligence:

Emotional Intelligence allows you to regulate and manage your emotions so you can experience your emotions in an empowering way. This becomes is easier when you learn to consider emotions as feedback, and refrain from judging them as ‘positive or negative’.

Social Intelligence:

How are you connecting with your colleagues? Are you asking for support when you need it, or do you compare yourself to others and feel bad? You can use your interpersonal skills to develop your support networks, as well as experience a sense of belonging.

Jan’s story – 53 year old manager:

‘I presented each day as confident. The truth was, I was so stressed out I would be physically sick when I arrived at work. In the end I left the job. I just didn’t know how to handle the pressure. I lost confidence in myself. I felt I couldn’t ask for help because I was meant to be the strong leader’.

Unfortunately Jan lacked the Belief, Emotional and Social Intelligences she needed to perform her management role. These three intelligences can be learned, and they work together to boost your tolerance to stress.

Let’s say you pick up your regular Boost Juice on your way to work. If you really want to boost up your performance at work, you add some supplements:

  • A shot of Belief Intelligence so you can choose what you believe about stress and work.
  • A shot of Emotional Intelligence so you can choose how you respond emotionally to things at work.
  • A shot of Social Intelligence so you can choose how you interact at work and develop your support networks.

Now you’ve got a SUPER BOOST Juice. Enjoy!