Intelligence Model

A requirement of Belief Intelligence is the ability to reflect upon, be aware of, and think about your thinking.

Thinking about your thinking.

Thinking about your feeling.

Feeling about your feeling.

Feeling about your thinking.

‘Stepping Back’

It’s like pressing pause on your beliefs about work and rising up out of them, so you can get a bird’s eye view of all of them.

‘Stepping Back’

It’s like stepping back out of your beliefs about work and noticing what kinds of thoughts they are, not what the content is.

‘Stepping Back’

It’s like you are doing a quality audit of your beliefs about work. Noticing which beliefs are serving you, which ones are holding you back – so you can do an upgrade to the latest version if you choose.

‘Stepping Back’

It’s like stepping into a lift with an infinity mirror. Your reflection goes on forever. So can your thoughts about your thoughts.

The Step Back Skill:

‘Physically when we step back from something that’s right in our face, we are able to see more of it. We’re able to get the big picture and we’re able to see the context’.

Dr. L. Michael Hall.

There are really great benefits for stepping back in the Workplace. Here are just a few:

  1. Increased Perspective
  2. Increased Self-Awareness
  3. More Choices (the ability to get UN-stuck)

1. Stepping back gets you: Increased Perspective:

The Step Back Skill prevents you from getting caught up in details; and helps you to see the bigger picture. The ability to Step Back allows you to see things from different perspectives, and from other people’s perspectives, as well as your own. You will be more likely to notice patterns and themes emerging in your own thinking and behaviours. The benefit of this self-awareness is that you are able to change your thoughts and behaviours if you choose to. You can choose to be your best at work.

2. Stepping back gets you: Increased Self-Awareness

The ability to Step Back and reflect upon your thoughts results in more self-awareness, which means you will have more choices. You will be more empowered and have great flexibility in your thinking. Self-Awareness is one of the key requirements in ‘Emotional Intelligence.’ Goleman’s research indicates that EQ (emotional quotient) involves self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-mastery, and self-control. You can use the Step-back skill to be more self-aware at work.

3. Stepping back gets you: More Choices

The ability to Step Back from your thoughts, to think about your thinking, gives you more choices in your thinking. You are never stuck with A=B. Stepping back allows you to see that A could equal B, C, or D.  Stepping back allows you to choose the meaning you give to external events. It allows you to choose what you make things mean, and to change your meaning if you choose to. It means you are never stuck – you can always un-stick yourself using the Step Back skill. You can use the Step Back skill to choose what you make things mean at work.

Enjoy thinking about your thinking!