You are sitting at your desk working to meet a deadline. The person next to you is sitting at their desk too. He talking to his partner on his phone (planning dinner). He is clicking his pen. Click. Click. CLICK. CLICK. He is tapping his foot. He is TALKING TOO LOUDLY……. He is BREATHING!

I recently completed some research regarding how people get along at work. The results are interesting:

90% of respondents believe they have been driven crazy by someone in their workplace.
85% of respondents believe they COULD be driven crazy by someone in their workplace.
That’s a lot of despair and not much empowerment in our workplaces.

The good news is 68% of respondents have successfully learnt to get along with someone in their workplace who used to drive them crazy.

Why Strong Minds at Work?

If you believe there is someone driving you crazy at your workplace, you can learn the skills to be more empowered, so they have less affect on you. You can learn to choose how you respond, rather than react. The quality of your day can be decided by you. Strong Minds at Work gives you the tools to move up from Despair (I’m going crazy) and Dis-engaged to Connected and empowered.


Claudia believed she used to be driven crazy by her colleagues – until she learnt the formula to NOT be. The formula is made up of three components:

1.  Belief Intelligence.

2.  Personal Powers

3.  Unconditional Self-Esteem

‘I learnt I can chose how I respond to situations and personalities at work. I’m choosing to be here. I’m choosing to give things that used to annoy me different meanings and think about things from a different perspective.’