It is important to know what going to work for you is really about.A staggering seventy-six percent of Australian workers don’t feel engaged in their work. So what’s going on?

Most people reading this post will have their basic needs met. They will most probably have food and shelter, feel loved, and feel, hopefully, safe.

Once we have our basic needs met – we look for something more meaningful, something Meta to us. When you figure out what that thing is, you can use it as motivation to go to work, and put in, and feel engaged. Without this understanding and awareness, it’s a loooooong day.Knowing your highest reason is like having a carrot dangling, a stick threatening, or both.

Use Meta Questioning to discover your highest reason for going to work.

I asked David, a 41 year old who was feeling dis-engaged from his work, about his highest reason. Our conversation went something like this:

What do you believe about going to work?

I don’t really like the work. I do it for the money.

What’s important to you about the money?

It pays for food, mortgage, stuff like that.

What does that mean to you?

It means I’m providing for my family.

What do you believe about providing for your family.

It’s me being a good Dad.

What’s important about you being a good Dad?

Well I’m giving my kids a good start in life.

And what does that mean to you?

It means they are getting a better start then I got.

So what do you believe about that?

That I’m a better Dad than my Dad was.

How is that important to you?

I feel proud of myself.

What does that mean to you?


So now David can link going to work with feeling proud of himself. He can think about his family, and providing for them. He can tap into feeling proud and meaning when he is having a bad day.He can feel proud about going to work. He can feel proud at work.

Knowing your highest reason for going to work keeps you engaged and motivated.

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