Why is having a Strong Mind at Work important?

While the cost of stress is expensive for your employer (workplace stress is costing the Australian economy $14.81 billion a year), what does this mean for you? Apart from the negative health consequences resulting from feeling stressed at work, you are also more likely to go home feel grumpy. Not good for your relationships!


Why are some people stressed and others strong?

How is it that some people are seemingly unaffected by the stressors of the modern day workplace, while others are struggling? Feeling stressed at work occurs in many different ways and under different circumstances. Two people can be working in the same working environment, under the same work pressures, and one will feel stressed, while the other will feel energized. How is this possible?

The Strong Minds at Work Formula:

While you can’t always control what happens at work, you can control how you respond to it. You can learn to think in a different way to interrupt your usual thinking pattern. Belief, Power and Esteem are like your three ingredients for Showing up Strong at work.

A Stressed person:

·        Believes other people make them feel a certain way and there is nothing they can do about it.

·        Believes circumstances have power over them to ‘make’ them feel stressed.

·        Is inflexible with the meanings they give to things at work.

·        Is in an unresourceful state and has no choice of the state they are in at work.

·        Tries to esteem themselves conditionally, and/ or wants other people to give them self-esteem.

A Strong person:

·        Believes they can choose to be unaffected by other people.

·        Believes they choose what they think, feel, say and do in response to any circumstance.

·        Is flexible in their thinking; can give behaviours several different meanings.

·        Chooses a resourceful state when they want to.

·        Esteems themselves unconditionally.

Use the Strong Minds at Work Formula to show up Strong, not Stressed.

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