You might have heard people say, ‘I hate my job’, or ‘Work sucks’ – it is highly likely they are miserable. Compare that to people who say, ‘I love going to work’ – they have a different energy about them. The two may have the identical role, in the same workplace – but their experience is very different. Why? They think about their work in two different ways.

You can change your beliefs about work. You can choose what you believe about work, you at work, your colleagues at work, you or organisation, etc. Instead of believing and feeling negative about work, you can choose more useful beliefs – if you want to.


Explore your Existing Beliefs about work:

You can explore your beliefs about work and identify your helpful, energizing and empowering beliefs. In addition, as you become more aware of your limiting beliefs, you can question their usefulness. You can ask yourself, ‘What if I changed any unhelpful beliefs to something that gives me more energy, a clear head, a meaningful purpose and a sense of hope?’

Give yourself permission to ‘try on’ a different way of thinking about work. The term ‘trying on’ involves giving yourself the permission and having the flexibility to allow yourself to imagine what it would be like to think in a different way. It’s like trying on a new jacket to see how it feels and looks, and if it suits you. It’s like you are trying on different styles, colours and sizes until you find one that you love. You can update it at any time as you grow or change your style.

Vikki used to believe, ‘I don’t belong in this team’. She felt isolated and resentful about coming to work each day. By exploring her thinking she decided to ‘try on’ a different belief, ‘I belong in this team’. She was amazed at how her experience of being part of the team changed for the positive when she tried out this new way of thinking. She was happier and more at work. Her colleagues noticed a difference in her – and they liked it.

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