Inter-personal conflict within a team is costly, and risky. If only we could all just get along. There is a way to minimize the potentially negative impact that your colleagues have on you at work. You can use your personal powers at work to be Unshakeable. Using your Personal Powers when someone is trying to annoy you puts you in the driver’s seat.

‘No one can drive you crazy unless you give them the keys’.

Colin Cox

Your four personal powers are your ability to choose what you believe, say, feel and do. They are your beliefs, words, emotions and behaviours.

Dr. Michael Hall describes the four Personal Powers in his book, Secrets of Personal Mastery (2000). He describes them as your ability to choose how you respond – your response-ability. You can choose how you respond to your work colleagues, including how you respond to them.

‘I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people’ – Gandhi

Tom’s Story:

Tom was a recent participant in a Unshakeable at Work team program. He describes his relationship with a colleague;  ‘The most helpful thing has been learning about my four powers. I understand I can’t control what my colleague says to me, but I chose how I react to her. She can’t make me angry or annoyed, she can’t drive me insane unless I let her’.

Books on this topic:

·        Unbullyable by Sue Anderson

·        The Structure of Magic by Bandler and Grinder

·        Secrets of Personal Mastery by Dr L. Michael Hall

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