You decide what you think and believe about work. You are in charge of that. Of the approximately 50,000 thoughts you have each day, you confirm some thoughts as true for you. You turn a mere thought into a belief, when you CONFIRM it as true for you. This means sometimes you can believe things that don’t serve you.

Here are three easy steps to make sure your beliefs about work as useful:


1. Awareness: Increase your awareness of your beliefs about work.

·        What do you currently believe about work?

·        What does work mean to you?

2. Audit: Check the usefulness of your beliefs about work.

·        How useful are your beliefs about work?

·        Are they helping you to be your best? Or holding you back?

3. Adjust: Change your limiting beliefs about work to more useful ones.

·        If you are being your best, what would you be believing about work?

·        What would happen if you changed your beliefs about work?

Check out Chris Helder’s book ‘Useful Belief’. It’s a great little book and an interesting read.


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