According to Brandon Hall’s 2013 Leadership Development Benchmarking survey, 75 percent of organizations say their leadership development programs are not very effective.

Why is this? Most Leadership training ignores the key ingredient – BELIEFS.

You can do all the ‘Leadership’ training in the world, but if your beliefs about Leading are limiting, you will be limited as a leader. Your behaviours will not change, as beliefs hold behaviour in place. It’s important to take time out to ‘quality check’ your beliefs about you as a Leader.

Your own beliefs about your leadership are like the glue that holds your leadership behaviours in place.

Jon, a Middle Manager, wanted to take the next step up in his career but had limiting beliefs regarding his own his own abilities. ‘Sometimes I feel like an imposter, a fraud waiting to be exposed. I worry I won’t perform up to expectations, so I keep safe in my current role. I wish I could back myself – believe in myself more.’

Jon gave himself permission to challenge his beliefs. He found these beliefs more useful: ‘I am a work in progress. I am developing my leadership skills. Staying safe is not developing my skills’.

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