Are you enjoying work right now?  It’s worth thinking about, because you are probably going to be in a workplace of some sort for 50 years plus…… that’s a huge chunk of your life.

And depending on your birthdate, it may be a fair time before you are eligible for a pension. As of July 2017 the pension age was 65 years and 6 months.

After that, pension age will go up 6 months every 2 years until 1 July 2023.

So by 2023 you will need to be 67 years of age to receive the pension. And with our aging population, who knows what will happen after that?

In those 50 years plus you may work in a variety of different workplaces, with many different people. You will need skills to get along with people. And know how to not be affected by other ‘interesting’ people you work with. You might as well know how to enjoy work, because many people are unhappy and dis-engaged at work.

In fact, seventy five percent of staff are effected by ‘difficult people and office politics’.

What you chose to believe about work, your rules, expectations and thinking styles all have a huge impact on how happy you are at work. These things are within your control and you can learn to be Unshakeable at Work.

My Dad worked for a bank for thirty-five years. He didn’t love his job, but it supported our family of seven. From a very young age I remember him talking endlessly about ‘when I retire I’ll buy a farm’. His dream came true! He retired at 54.5 years, got his farm at 55. Died of cancer at 56.

Enjoy your work NOW.

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