With the ever-increasing focus on our mental health, many people have attended some kind of ‘Resilience’ training in their workplace. Some programs are fabulous, yet others fail to hit the mark. Just how useful is this training? Can you really improve your resilience by attending training? According to a recent study, yes!

In 2015, *Researchers looked into the effectiveness of different resilience training programs delivered in workplaces between 2003 and 2014. They concluded that you can indeed improve your personal resilience.

More than just bouncing back

Their research found that resilience training has added benefits, in that it is useful in developing your overall mental health and well‐being.

The added benefits of resilience training are:

  • Increased mental health
  • Increased well-being
  • Increased psychosocial functioning
  • Increased performance

Things to consider when choosing a resilience program:

The *Researchers found that most successful programs utilise a cognitive-behavioural approach to developing resilience. They also suggested that the program should include an element of one‐to‐one training and support, based on individual needs.

The Unshakeable Scale

It has been my belief for many years, that one‐to‐one training and support, is essential and whether I am empowering individual employees or leaders, it is important for them to understand their own resilience level.

…..Where do you sit on my Unshakeable Scale?

Resilience “Unshakeable” Scale Diagram – © Sue Anderson 2018

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‘Resilience training in the workplace from 2003 to 2014: A systematic review’

* Source:  https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/joop.12120

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