While serving some customers is a pure joy, other customers can really push our buttons. If you work in a customer service industry, it is understandable that at times, you experience certain customers as annoying or irritating.  After all, you are human, not a machine, and it is human to experience a wide range of emotions.

How difficult or easy is it to have your buttons pushed by a customer?  What if you could make your buttons less likely to be pushed?  Here are two tips for having less push-able buttons:

1. Check your State:
When you are serving a customer, you operate and respond from a mind-body-system.  Your emotions can have an impact on your physical state, and vice versa. The following factors have an impact on your emotional state:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Health

“Taking steps to increase the likelihood of showing up in a good state
before you serve customers, makes your buttons less push-able.”

2. Reframe your Emotions:
Changing the way you think about your emotions is useful.  For example, if you think, ‘I’m disappointed I let that customer annoy me’, try instead, ‘Isn’t it fascinating that I’m feeling annoyed after serving that customer’.  If you make being annoyed a normal human response, the emotion has less impact on you.  There is less energy in it.

 According to Dr. Irena O’Brien, Neuroscientist:
“Reframing reduces activation in emotion regions of the brain, this is backed up by neuroscience.”
What you believe about your emotions has a huge impact on how you experience them.

Resilience “Unshakeable” Scale Diagram – © Sue Anderson 2018

Unshakeable at Work:
These are two simple tips you can use to reduce the likelihood of your buttons being pushed.
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