Are you Feedback Ready or a Feedback Rejector?
(or somewhere in between?)

How open are you to finding the gold in the feedback given to you – even if you might not like how it is delivered 😊

Feedback Rejectors
Feedback Rejectors avoid feedback, or reject it in the first instance, without considering the possibility it could be useful.  They may become angry or upset, lash out or criticise the feedback giver. Often, they react with emotion, take things personally, and their attention moves to how they are feeling, stopping them from considering the usefulness of the feedback. Their emotional response means they miss the potential value in the feedback.
They miss the opportunity to grow and improve.

Feedback Ready:
In contrast, people who are Feedback Ready, actively ask for feedback. They can choose how they respond to receiving feedback, and then use criteria to determine if the feedback is valuable, useful and relevant to them.  They have a strategy for taking what is useful for them, without their first response being an emotional one.  After careful consideration, they may decide the feedback is useless and irrelevant, but they do this using logical thought, rather than emotion.
They are open to the opportunity to grow and improve.

When you move from being a Feedback Rejector to Feedback Ready, you are in a more resourceful frame of mind to decide if you will take the feedback on board, or not. You move from fear to curiosity.

In your workplace, where do you sit on the Feedback Readiness Ladder?
(see diagram below)

Feedback Readiness Ladder – © Sue Anderson 2019

If you would like to know how to move up the Feedback Readiness Ladder, please contact Sue Anderson.

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