Are you Feedback Ready?

 Being Feedback Ready takes you from Arghhhh; to Aha!



Whether you were Feedback Ready or not, as a child, you grew up receiving feedback.  It is estimated that every school child is handed back as many as 300 assignments, papers, and tests*.  It’s interesting that most children are not taught how to receive feedback in school. Yet in today’s workplace, we are expected to be ‘Feedback receiving’ experts.

Being ‘Feedback Ready’ means you can decide what feedback you take on board and what feedback you don’t.

  • You ask for feedback, rather than avoid it.
  • You assess its value (Do I care? Is it true? Is it useful?)
  • You appreciate the useful bits and disregard the rest.
  • You action the learnings in the real world.

When you are feedback ready, feedback is like a gift, you choose to open it, keep it, or disregard it.


If you would like to know how to move up the Feedback Readiness Ladder, please contact Sue Anderson.

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