Self-Correction vs Self-Criticism


Feedback Readiness Ladder – © Sue Anderson 2019


Being ‘Feedback Ready’ means you are empowered to decide what feedback you take on board and what feedback you don’t.

  • You ask for feedback, rather than avoid it.
  • You assess its value (Do I care? Is it true? Is it useful?)
  • You appreciate the useful bits and disregard the rest.
  • You action the learnings in the real world.

In a nutshell, you can choose to use the feedback as guidance, to improve and grow.  Feedback can be powerful stuff when you use it for self-improvement.  But what if you decide to take the feedback on board, and turn it against yourself?

When you choose to accept feedback, do you use it for Self-Correction or Self-Criticism?

Self -Correction – You take the feedback and:

  • Get yourself back on track
  • Celebrate your learnings
  • Grow and improve
  • Feel motivated to progress.

Self -Criticism – You take the feedback and:

  • Give yourself a hard time
  • Discount your progress
  • Feel not good enough
  • Feel like giving up


Whether you use feedback for Self-Correction or Self-Criticism is up to you.  You might be great at encouraging others to learn and grow, but how does your inner voice talk to you after you receive feedback?

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