‘It depends…’


I recently surveyed 125 people regarding their experience of receiving feedback. The results were interesting, and in some cases, not what I expected.

The surprising result was only 3% of people reported that they ‘were terrible at receiving feedback’.

Over one third (38%) of people reported they were positive about receiving feedback, ‘Great – in general, I love it’.

The majority (58%) of people stated they were ‘Ok – sometimes – it depends’.



How people receive feedback depends on many factors – examples include:

  • How the feedback is delivered
  • Who is giving the feedback
  • If the feedback is useful
  • How true (you believe) the feedback is
  • How you feel at the time
  • When the feedback was delivered



What are your ‘it depends’?

If you would like to know how to move up the Feedback Readiness Ladder, please contact Sue Anderson.

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