‘Receiving Feedback – A Forever Skill’


I love the new book by Kieran Flanagan and Dan Gregory, ‘Forever Skills – The 12 skills to future proof yourself, your team and your kids’. 

Check out their book here:



They list essential 12 forever skills:

  • Insight
  • Conversion
  • Problem-solving
  • Agility
  • Influence
  • Team building
  • Trust
  • Translation
  • Self-control
  • Resource management
  • Order
  • Implementation

The 13th Skill:

When you begin to master these 12 skills, I believe you can add one more, the skill of asking for, and being open to receiving feedback.

The individuals I coach who are inspired, courageous and open to receiving feedback for growth, have the ability to ask for it, rather than avoid it.

Typically, they:

  • They have the insight to consider the feedback from the other person’s perspective.
  • They have the agility to imagine an alternative universe and allow others to challenge their own assumptions.
  • They have the courage to fail well.
  • They hold themselves accountable.

How well developed is your 13th Forever Skill of asking for and receiving feedback?

If you would like to know how to move up the Feedback Readiness Ladder, please contact Sue Anderson.



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