About Sue

Sue Anderson works in the field of Emotional Intelligence. Her specialty is helping people develop mental toughness so they can excel (not handle) in the pressures of the modern workplace. At the same time she works with teams to develop cultures that nurture talent not neutralise it.

A highly sought after speaker, coach, trainer and author, Sue Anderson works with organisations and businesses to develop highly functional and productive workplaces, with confident, resilient and motivated employees.

As a Thought Leader in the areas of resilience building and individual empowerment, Sue utilises her cutting-edge methodology to help individuals and teams move from a place of fear and dysfunction to a highly engaged, confident workforce. By integrating and refining areas including communication, motivation, beliefs and emotion, Sue’s programs empower employees, enabling ongoing positive human interaction in the workplace and beyond.

With qualifications in psychology, management, quality assurance, training and Neuro-Semantics, Sue’s unique approach is accessible, fun and builds capability rather than taking a punitive or Band-Aid approach to improving productivity in the workplace.  Sue has worked successfully in the area of resilience with children and adults since 2007. Her book ‘Unshakeable at Work’ was published in 2018.  Sue believes that developing an Unshakeable workplace culture is critical to improving everyone’s wellbeing and quality of life.



Sue is available to speak at conferences and events. Popular topics include, ‘Figuring out People at Work’ ,‘Unshakeable Leaders’ and ‘Unshakeable at Work’.


Sue has just published her second book, ‘Unshakeable at Work’.

Sue’s international award-winning book ‘Unbullyable – Bullying solutions for parents and children’ was released in 2013. It describes a preventative approach to bullying.


An experienced trainer, Sue offers trainings ranging from half days to three month programs. She covers many different topics relating to resilience and empowerment. Her style is fun and relaxed, while using skills quickly get to the heart of the topics and discussions.


Sue provides both team and individual coaching. Her expertise lies in helping people be more resilient and empowered at work. Sue works with staff and Leaders.

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