Feedback Beliefs: How useful are yours?

Feedback Beliefs: How useful are yours?   When I’m coaching an individual, or working with a team, I like to ask them this question: ‘What do you believe about you receiving feedback at work?’   If you believe receiving feedback is mostly an unpleasant... read more

Feedback – is it always a gift?

Feedback – is it always a gift?   The week before Christmas. It’s the time of year when many of us are purchasing gifts for our loved ones, and our not so loved ones.  Some gifts are thoughtfully chosen because you know the person well. You know they will LOVE... read more

‘Receiving Feedback – A Forever Skill’

‘Receiving Feedback – A Forever Skill’   I love the new book by Kieran Flanagan and Dan Gregory, ‘Forever Skills – The 12 skills to future proof yourself, your team and your kids’.  Check out their book here:                       They list essential... read more

What drives ‘Interesting’ Customers to complain?

What drives ‘Interesting’ Customers to complain?   Do you ever wonder what motivates some customers (Internal and/or External) to complain? I was recently delivering some training into an organisation that defines feedback as; ‘A complaint, compliment, opinion or... read more

‘It depends…’

‘It depends…’   I recently surveyed 125 people regarding their experience of receiving feedback. The results were interesting, and in some cases, not what I expected. The surprising result was only 3% of people reported that they ‘were terrible at receiving... read more

Self Correction vs Self Criticism

Self-Correction vs Self-Criticism   Feedback Readiness Ladder – © Sue Anderson 2019   Being ‘Feedback Ready’ means you are empowered to decide what feedback you take on board and what feedback you don’t. You ask for feedback, rather than avoid it. You assess... read more

Are you Feedback Ready?

Are you Feedback Ready?  Being Feedback Ready takes you from Arghhhh; to Aha!     Whether you were Feedback Ready or not, as a child, you grew up receiving feedback.  It is estimated that every school child is handed back as many as 300 assignments, papers,... read more

Two Tips to make your buttons less push-able.

While serving some customers is a pure joy, other customers can really push our buttons. If you work in a customer service industry, it is understandable that at times, you experience certain customers as annoying or irritating.  After all, you are human, not a... read more

How useful is “Resilience” training?

With the ever-increasing focus on our mental health, many people have attended some kind of ‘Resilience’ training in their workplace. Some programs are fabulous, yet others fail to hit the mark. Just how useful is this training? Can you really improve your resilience... read more

Unshakeable at Work – Enjoy your work…..NOW

Are you enjoying work right now?  It’s worth thinking about, because you are probably going to be in a workplace of some sort for 50 years plus…… that’s a huge chunk of your life. And depending on your birthdate, it may be a fair time before you are eligible for a... read more

How intelligent are your beliefs about leading?

What you believe about YOU as a leader has a huge impact on HOW you lead others.   As Sherman Morrison writes in ‘The Pygmalian Effect’, ‘What managers believe about themselves subtly influences what they believe about their subordinates, what they expect of them, and... read more

The power to choose what you believe about work.

You decide what you think and believe about work. You are in charge of that. Of the approximately 50,000 thoughts you have each day, you confirm some thoughts as true for you. You turn a mere thought into a belief, when you CONFIRM it as true for you. This means... read more

The power to choose how you respond at work.

In his book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Stephen R Covey states: ‘Proactive people recognize that they are “response-able.” They don’t blame genetics, circumstances, conditions, or conditioning for their behavior. They know they choose... read more

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