It’s time to disrupt your thinking.

For many of us, by this time each year we have well and truly settled back into the routine of work. Hopefully you are feeling great – you are finding your work meaningful, are filled with a sense of purpose and have clarity about the difference you are making in the... read more

What do you believe about work?

You might have heard people say, ‘I hate my job’, or ‘Work sucks’ – it is highly likely they are miserable. Compare that to people who say, ‘I love going to work’ – they have a different energy about them. The two may have the identical role, in the same workplace –... read more

Are you being hijacked at work?

What is the Amygdala Hijack? The Amygdala Hijack is a term coined by Daniel Goleman in his 1996 book Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ. In a nutshell, in situations where you perceive there is a threat to your safety– it’s normal to experience... read more

Are you being Over Responsible at work?

You are POWERFUL. When something happens, you choose what you make it mean to you, and what you believe about it. From those choices comes how you feel about it. Then you choose what you say or don’t say in response.  And finally, you decide what action you take.... read more

What is your highest reason for going to work?

It is important to know what going to work for you is really about.A staggering seventy-six percent of Australian workers don’t feel engaged in their work. So what’s going on? Most people reading this post will have their basic needs met. They will most probably have... read more

You are a meaning maker.

Something happens. You take information from outside your head, filter it, delete, distort and generalize it, then make a movie of it inside your head. Then YOU decide what you make it mean. You give it meaning based on your values, ideas, experiences and... read more

The power of acceptance at work.

Acceptance is the ability to face reality. By choosing to accept a situation or event, you can then choose how you respond. Choosing acceptance not giving up – it’s having the courage to face reality head on, trusting that you have the resources to deal with it.... read more

How you can avoid burn out at work.

The secret to not burning out (AKA stressing out, going into overwhelm etc) is empowerment. Research has shown that when you feel empowered at work, you are less likely to burn out. Stress is a major problem in today’s work place. It is estimated that you will lose... read more

Quality check your beliefs about work.

‘Habits of thinking need not be forever. One of the most significant findings in psychology in the last twenty years is that individuals choose the way they think’. Prof. Martin Seligman How intelligent are your beliefs about work? What you believe about... read more

The importance of Showing up Strong at work.

Let’s face it. Who hasn’t had a really bad day at work and gone home grumpy? It’s important that you are showing up strong at work for your mental health and well-being. It’s also important for your family’s well-being. You going home stressed and grumpy (and maybe... read more

Why Employee ‘Check-Ins’ are not enough

  I recently read an article in Time Magazine about how to start a meeting. The author explained that she starts every meeting with a ‘Check-In’. Each person has a turn at sharing how they are currently feeling. While I agree this has some benefits, I’d like to... read more

It’s about Showing up Strong

‘Strong Minds at Work is a groundbreaking program that empowers individuals to take charge of their mindset and responsibility for their own behaviors’ Participant, Strong Minds at Work, 2016 The Results are in for 2016! Average Improvements across four Teams: Why is... read more

The Key Ingredients to Strong Minds at Work

Having a Strong Mind at Work means you can choose to respond rather than react. You can choose what you make things mean, how you feel about them, and choose whether you let them have an impact on you and your performance. Beliefs: How intelligent are your beliefs... read more

What’s in your Workplace Fruit Salad?

Dealing with Prickly Pears, Moldy Strawberries, Sour Grapes and Over Ripe Bananas \Recently I was working with a team and they decided they liked the metaphor of their team being a ‘Fruit Salad’. When I asked them what they meant they explained, ‘We are all different,... read more

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