Individual Coaching

“I loved working with Sue and was at a bit of loss when it came to an end. Knowing I had my session each week I was able to utilise Sue in running through things that there happening and how I think I would approach it. Then Sue would give be feedback etc and the check in with text messages nearly every second day made me feel that someone actually had an interest in me and my wellbeing.

I think that each team member should experience this one on one coaching. The coaching has been very beneficial for me and helped me regain my confidence that I had lost.”



“I have found Sue’s sessions to be empowering, uplifting and very positive. I no longer cry when arriving at work. The situation which has consumed every minute of my life over the past fifteen months no longer is consuming my life any more due to her approach.

I have learnt that I am in control of my actions, thoughts and I am not responsible for those of others.
Sue has given me other strategies on how to focus on other factors and on the things I can control. Sue has listened to me, got to know me personally and adapted her approach to suit my personality, so I can still be true to myself and my beliefs.

Her teachings have been easy to incorporate into my daily activities. Sue has given me strategies which have helped lift the massive weight I have been carrying. I feel much better now than I have done so due to her logical ways of dealing with situations and different personalities I encounter every day. I strongly believe that all staff would benefit from her involvement.”


“Before I began meeting with Sue Anderson for coaching, I felt waves of stress and anxiety radiating through my whole body most of the time.

I still got up, took care of my kids and went to work but I wasn’t really engaging in life.
I have now completed a full coaching package and the difference in how I feel and experience day to day life is incredible.

I have a much greater understanding of myself – my beliefs and my thought processes and find that I can now live according to my values in a flexible way.

Initially I had been concerned that coaching would be like the counselling sessions I had experienced previously, where I felt like I was wandering aimlessly through my past…it wasn’t.

Coaching with Sue was a truly wonderful experience, where I was supported to take on board life changing strategies, which I could put in to practice immediately.

I am truly grateful for having had the opportunity to engage in a full coaching package.”



“I gained an understanding of how some of my close colleagues think and feel about certain / events situations.”

“‘I now understand that it is not general things and feelings it’s about my own thoughts and feelings. I’m in control of how I think and deal with situations.”

“‘The best thing I gained was the knowledge that I am a worthwhile person and it is up to me to work on that and get rid of the negative and be more positive about myself and what I do.”

“The knowledge that we are a good team and we know how to interact as a team, both individually and as a whole.”

“Understanding how everyone thinks and that they don’t all have to think like me. We all should now understand that it is ok not to all think alike.”

“An understanding of how some of my close colleagues think and feel about certain / events situations.”

“That you can choose your state, give comments, behaviours a different meaning, and use your powers to deal with stressful situations.”

“Very worthwhile skills to learn and practice.”

“I feel that the depth of knowledge really helped in being able to make relevant on the spot connections between topics and steer the conversation where it was most needed.”

“These sessions have helped me to understand that it’s not all black or white and it is ok to feel lost sometimes but has given me tools to not stay in the places I don’t feel good.”

“Sue is a very knowledgeable person who was ready to listen and explain and did not belittle anyone when they had questions which the person asking might have thought were ‘a little dumb’. She has great skills in speaking to both older and younger people in getting her message across. Thank you Sue.”

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