Team Re-Connect 2024

Re-connect, re-inspire & re-engage your team in 2024. Support team members to feel more calm, confident, and connected within their team.

With the level of uncertainty and complex change continuing, we need connected teams more than ever, so they can communicate clearly and confidently. Hybrid working arrangements are also impacting the team's ability to connect.

How is your team going? For many of us, we started 2023 still exhausted from 2022. But we made it through, and here we are in December. In a way, we have been playing catch up on the last 3 years, with many projects, training and developments that were put on hold during 2020-2023, now happening.

What People Leaders are saying:
  • 2023 has been a challenging year for the team.

  • My team is struggling with change fatigue.

  • Hybrid working arrangements are still in place for some and impacting teams feeling like a team.

  • We have a few new staff who have joined us, senior staff who have left us - it feels a bit disjointed.

  • There is a skills shortage, we have not been able to recruit experienced team members, and the impact of that is affecting the whole team.

  • We are facing deadlines we are not going to meet as I'm losing time dealing with people issues, when I could be getting on with the work I need to do.

  • It would be great to bring the team together in the new year and get us all 'back on track'.

What team members are saying:
  • We are tired, a bit over it, and need a holiday and fresh start so we can head into 2024 with energy and enthusiasm.

  • We need to work better together as team.

  • Some people are working as silos, not team players.

  • We want to feel like we are working towards the same goal, united as one.

  • We need a team 'reset' so 2024 doesn't feel like a continuation of 2023.

It’s time energise and re-charge your team with enthusiasm and excitement.

Conflict: Teams who are in a state of conflict have the highest risk of bullying, harassment, and stress claims. They feel dis-empowered and dis-engaged. They react to challenges and change. They need to focus on care because they are in danger of burnout, leaving the organisation or poor performance.

Chaos: Teams working in a state of chaos are unlikely to be productive and engaged. It’s important the team members gain clarity with themselves, their purpose, their teams, and their organisation. Teams in a state of chaos are often reactive, and operate from fear and self-preservation.

Co-operative: Teams who are co-operative have good days and bad days. Their productivity is inconsistent. Their confidence in themselves and each other is on rocky ground. They often do 'just enough' or the bare minimum. These teams may have a 'polite' culture, but energy and enthusiasm is lacking.

Cohesive: When teams are cohesive, they work together well. They are productive and positive. They are calm and confident in their communication with each other. What would take them to the next level, is if they have the courage to communicate more clearly and honestly with each other.

Connected: A connected team is an enthusiastic and energised team. They are able to step into creativity and innovation. They celebrate progress in meaningful work. Team members are empowered and engaged. They have choice in how they respond to challenges and change. They communicate clearly, understand each other and support each other to produce great outcomes.

The Re-Connected Team Approach


Mindset: We explore the team members' beliefs, thinking styles, and how to increase flexibility in their thinking. The benefit is team members who are more open to listening to others, more agile in their approach, and more self-aware.

Power: Together we explore the power to choose and be responsible and accountable for our beliefs, emotions, actions, and words. This means they are more likely to provide useful feedback and hold others accountable. They will have the courageous conversations that many teams avoid.

Esteem: In the topic of esteem we explore how team members choose to value themselves and consider themselves as worthy. They learn to separate their self-worth from their performance. This means they are better equipped to receive feedback and make the changes suggested to them to take their skills to the next level.

Confidence: We look at how team members can increase confidence in their role, and step more into their authority, allowing them to have the difficult conversations often avoided. Lack of confidence results in poor performing teams.

Courage: Exploring courage is vital in creating connected teams. Lack of courage in teams results in ‘avoidance’ culture where teams remain stable, (even if they are dysfunctional), and growth is not achieved.

Choice: Understanding the combination of Mindset, Power and Esteem results in team members having more choice in how they show up, especially in the face of challenge, change and criticism. Teams who operate from lack of choice operate from blame, pain, and complain.

Learning outcomes for this program are specifically tailored to the needs of your team. Some of the learning outcomes can include:

Practical strategies for understanding each other's communication styles within the team, so that they can connect and collaborate more effectively.

Awareness of the of five common Work Style preferences, so that teams can understand how to communicate with each person effectively. to increase productivity and positive outcomes.

Five simple ways of increasing self-awareness, transparency, and authenticity so team members feel more confident in who they are and how they work within the team.

Bringing awareness of seven most prevalent Armours of Self-Protection, so that they can identify and reduce them.

Three strategies for managing up, down, and sideways for effective communication. Understanding the four Team Support languages, so they can feel supported, while supporting others.

A Peer-to-Peer Feedback Framework (Feedback Fitness Framework) if the culture of feedback within the team needs improving.

The Team Re-Connect 2024 Workshop is ideal for teams:

  • Who have new members. Who have been involved in a re-structure.

  • Who have had a significant change in leadership.

  • Who have members returning from significant leave.

  • Where the leader has moved from peer to leader.

  • Who want to feel more like a team going forward.

  • Are fearful/resistant to receiving feedback.

  • Who want to come together, so they can 'gel -well' and be ready for 2024.

The Team Re-Connect 2024 Workshop is NOT ideal for teams:

  • Very high conflict teams - the 'Unshakeable Teams' program would be ideal.

  • Who want strategic planning workshop.

The Team Re-Connect 2024 Inclusions

Preparation Meeting with Leader: The purpose is to clarify the desired outcomes and informs content. This ensures the program is aligned with the very specific outcomes of the team.

Half-Day or Full-Day Team Re-Connect Session: These are highly interactive, engaging sessions where team members have the opportunity to connect, collaborate and ask questions. They occur live in the room, with participant manuals and resources supplied. It is important all team members are present. the 12-month 'Stay connected' program is 4 x half days delivered quarterly.

Evaluation Survey and Report: An evaluation of the program will be provided. This includes a link to a Survey Monkey, anonymous feedback questionnaire which takes less than two minutes to complete. A summary report is provided to the organisation.

Team Culture 'Snapshot' Survey and Report: The team is asked to complete an anonymous survey regarding team culture. This includes reflecting on how the team is going, and areas for improvement. A summary of the results is fed back to the team, and it is also used to inform the content of the Re-Connect Workshop.

Additional Resources, includes books, links, articles etc: Team members will receive exclusive access to additional resources to support their growth and development. A carefully selected collection of books, articles, links to Ted Talks, Podcasts etc will be provided after the workshop. Individuals can choose to dive deeper on the content – or not.

Debrief and recommendations meeting with Leader: The purpose of this meeting is for Sue to provide feedback and information on how the session was received, as well as any recommendations for the team moving forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who would benefit from the Team Re-Connect 2024? The team program is perfect for all teams, including new teams or restructured teams who want to hit the ground running in 2024. An experienced facilitator, Sue has worked with teams for the last 16 years, across many different industries.

How long is the Program? The workshop can be delivered as a half day (3.5 hours) or a full day (6 hours). It is also available as a 'Stay Connected' option, which is a half-day workshop every quarter for 12 months.

Where is the Workshop delivered? The Team Re-Connect workshop takes place on-site.

Who facilitates the program? Sue Anderson facilitates all delivery, and her Business Manager, Jane Bedggood co-ordinates logistics.

Can the program design be changed to meet the specific needs of my team? Yes! While the program design has been based on 16 years of delivery experience and feedback, Sue is happy to accommodate specific needs of your team and industry. 

Should the Leader / Manager participate in the program? Absolutely!

Book a time with Sue to discuss