Unshakeable at Work

Increase resilience and empowerment in your organisation by 15% in the next 90 days.

Support individuals to feel more calm, confident and connected at work.
Are you a CEO, HR Manager or Director finding that:
  • Individuals are struggling with having to work from home / having to isolate due to COVID.

  • There is an increased risk of good Leaders and Team Members leaving.

  • You are worried about having to recruit and train new Leaders.

  • You are worried about increased sick leave and potential stress claims as time goes on and individuals' stress levels are not reducing.

  • Your Leaders are already weary and exhausted - yet you need them to support their teams.

Leaders are saying they are:
  • Worried about their team members' mental and physical well-being.

  • Wanting to support their teams be less stressed but are unsure of how to help.

  • Struggling themselves with challenge, change and continued uncertainty.

  • Concerned that Individuals are complaining about being weary and exhausted, and it’s only the beginning of the year.

  • Looking for practical strategies to help their team feel engaged, motivated and connected.

With the level of uncertainty, complex change and ongoing challenges, individuals more than ever are having to become resilient, empowered and unshakeable.


Shakeable: Individuals who are shakeable have the highest risk of bullying, harassment, and stress claims. They feel dis-empowered and dis-engaged. They react to challenge and change. They need to focus on care because they are in danger of burnout or leaving the organisation.

Stressed: If individuals are feeling stressed their productivity and engagement is reduced. According to Dr. Bruce Perry, connection is the best buffer to stress. It’s important they connect with themselves, their purpose, their teams, and their organisation.

Stable: Individuals at the stable level have good days and bad days. Their productivity is inconsistent. Their confidence is on rocky ground. It’s important they build up their confidence to avoid slipping down into the stressed or shakeable level.

Strong: When individuals are strong, their next challenge is increasing their courage to have the often-difficult conversations that need to be had, and back themselves as they make courageous decisions. They courageously face challenge and change head on.

Unshakeable: Unshakeable individuals have the lowest risk of bullying, harassment, and stress claims. They feel empowered and engaged. They have choice in how they respond to challenge and change. They are in the best position to support their peers.

The Solution: Mindset + Power + Beliefs


Mindset: Concentrates on the individuals developing useful beliefs, thinking styles, and increasing flexibility in their thinking. The benefit will be individuals who are more open to listening to others, more flexible, and more self-aware.

Power: Focuses on the individuals’ power to choose and be responsible and accountable for their beliefs, emotions, actions, and words.

Esteem: Explores how individuals choose to value themselves and consider themselves as worthy. They learn to separate their self-worth from their performance. This means they are better equipped to face challenges and setbacks.

Unshakeable Individuals are empowered to choose how they respond to challenge, change and uncertainty.

Who would benefit from the Unshakeable at Work program?

All organisations, especially those dealing with changes due to COVID. The workshops can be general in nature, to cater for everyone in the organisation, or specific to Leaders only. Another popular variation is for individuals who work directly with customers and are likely to be abused while performing their role.

Workshop One: Mindset

Title: Unshakeable Brain hacks for less stress Five easy to use strategies to reduce stress levels and increase resilience.

Workshop Two: Powers

Title: Unshakeable Powers How to be empowered and powerful in response to challenges, rather than dis-empowered, and feeling powerless.

Workshop Three: Esteem

Title: How to hack your self-esteem for less stress A very different way of looking at self-esteem, confidence and worth – including how to not take feedback personally.

The Unshakeable at Work Program includes:

Delivery of 3 x one - hour Workshops: Sue will jump on-line 20 minutes prior to each workshop, deliver for the hour, and promises to finish on time to allow for anyone who has back-to-back meetings.

Copy of 'Unshakeable at Work' by Sue Anderson A hard copy of 'Unshakeable at Work' will be sent to the organisation. It contains a chapter on each of the three key Unshakeable ingredients.

Additional Resources: A carefully selected collection of books, articles, links to Ted Talks, Podcasts etc will be provided after each session. That way, participants can choose to dive deeper on the content – or not.

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