Feedback from our clients.

Sue ran a tailored workshop that supported us to increase feelings of connectedness, belonging and to improve our communication and collaboration across the department. Sue facilitated a brilliant session that helped us to understand each other's working styles – and there were lots of a-ha moments for all involved. By the end of the workshop, team members described themselves feeling: connected, part of a team, enlightened, seen, optimistic and inspired. The best part is, the learnings are continuing to support us to have meaningful conversations that are strengthening our ways of working (as individuals and as a team) beyond the workshop!

Cheree Hunter, Brimbank City Council, Manager, Community Strengthening & Social Planning

It is rare for a workshop to have such a profound impact.  Sue completely changed the way I go about providing feedback. The time flew by. It was worth every minute.

Rose Bruhn, Brimbank City Council, Manager, Community Learning and Participation

My whole perspective on feedback changed after attending Sue's mini Masterclass. I found it rewarding. I took my team on this Feedback Fitness journey. Thanks Sue.

Priya Kirubasankar, Area Manager at VicRoads

I can’t recommend Sue highly enough. This coaching journey with Sue has helped to further develop my management approach and to establish and strengthen my leadership boundaries. I’ve gained valuable insights and skills that have enabled me to step into my role as a leader with confidence and purpose, and I now feel more equipped to lead with authenticity and impact.

If you're ready to unlock your full potential, clarify your message, develop your leadership skills, and design a life that aligns with your values, I wholeheartedly encourage you to embark on this journey. You won't regret it. 

It has been an enjoyable and enlightening experience working with Sue.

Alicia Bruton, Program Manager | Community Services | North Central Region, Anglicare Victoria

I feel very lucky to have worked with Sue as part of a big group and one-on-one. Sue’s ability to provide considered, helpful and evidence-based advice has really helped me firm up my values and provide me with new tools for working with my team.

Kate Stapleton, Director Planning Practice, Department of Transport

Part of growing as a Leader is being able to sit in that semi-uncomfortable zone where you know you are being stretched towards greatness. Having Sue in your corner during these times is a sure way to fast-track the learning and confidently push forward. I personally found Sue’s support essential for my growth and development.

Deb Cailes, Director Infrastructure and Environment, City of Monash

I found Sue Anderson's 'Unshakeable' approach to be highly engaging and thought-provoking. Her calm, easy-to-work-with style was complemented by practical, simple-to-implement tips and hacks. She has an amazing ability to turn complex concepts into digestible, easy-to-use tools through the use of stories and examples from her many years of coaching.

Kevin Leddin, Director Community & Corporate Services, Moyne Shire Council

Sue is a supportive and observant Coach who asks great questions that prompt valuable reflection. Her calm and positive approach has steered me in the right direction to find new and more effective ways to grow my management style and look after myself along the way.

Kelly Pound, Manager Family and Children’s Services, Moonee Valley City Council

Sue’s program and facilitation skills were evident in working with a diverse group of individuals from our organisation, providing them with the tools to tackle difficult issues, inspire their staff, and building their own leadership capability and confidence. This has assisted us in delivering improved customer service outcomes for our communities.

David Lavithis, District Manager, VicRoads

Sue has been great to work with for the past couple of years, tailoring and delivering ‘Unshakeable Leaders’ program to different levels of leadership within our organisation. Sue utilizes case studies as examples of her evidence-based model in a most engaging way.

Chris Forbes, Executive General Manager, Mallee Family Care

Sue provided both 1:1 Coaching and Group Coaching support for our Leadership team. Feedback from participants was that the information provided was practical and things they can apply on the job. The questioning and insights provided during the sessions also provided some important reflection moments for the leaders involved.

Jodie Hill, Director of People and Safety, Pacific Hydro

We brought Sue in when our Executive Team had newly been formed to ensure that we had the strong foundations to deliver together, and Sue was able to raise our awareness of effective, clear communication and of how to perform as a high-functioning team. We are a stronger, better team as a result, and we have the skills to respectfully apply rigour around the work we do together as a team.

Jessie Holmes, Chief Executive Officer, Yarriambiack Shire Council  

Sue has provided our team with individual and group coaching. Sue’s coaching has provided us with tools necessary to work in a complex and high-conflict area of law. These tools assist us to care for our clients and ourselves.

 Juliana Smith, Principal Lawyer, JSLaw

Over my lengthy human resources career I have sourced coaches for others and experienced coaching myself.  Working with Sue Anderson, however, has been something of a revelation. I have espoused the value of coaching to others but with Sue, I have experienced the true value of it.  Her approach led me to tangible results in a short space of time and gave me tools and techniques that I can and do practice daily and are now new, good habits. With Sue, I gained a renewed sense of self and confidence in the work that I am doing.

Kim Wallace, Executive Manager Human Resources, Pacific Hydro

I lead a team of five people who are required to deliver high quality timely legal, compliance and procurement advice. The team function is good, however, I wanted to enable them to move into a ‘great’ space. Sue delivered a half-day workshop that allowed the team to explore our own strengths and weaknesses. The workshop was extremely positive and I have been able to use the outcomes to facilitate further discussions with individuals to help guide and enhance their performance as individuals and as a team. Sue is extremely engaging and delivered the workshop in a friendly and non-confrontational manner. The team's feedback was unanimously positive. Thanks very much Sue!

Duncan Mackellar, Head of Legal and Compliance, VMIA | The Victorian Government's insurer and risk adviser

Sue is an amazing Coach, who really commits and dedicates her time to you throughout the program. She has a very unique offering and brings tools and techniques that help you to unpick patterning that holds you back in your leadership abilities. 

I highly recommend Sue’s services to anyone looking for leadership coaching.

Melissa  Barras, Manager Program Management Office, Greater Western Water

Sue’s ‘Unshakeable’ program is a terrific opportunity to step back and reconsider our ability to be unshakeable. The tools Sue provides through her hacks ensure people walk away with very tangible ways to practice their ability to be unshakeable. Always get fabulous feedback from team members who attend Sue’s sessions. Can’t recommend Sue highly enough.

Natalie Reiter, Deputy Secretary Policy, Precincts & Innovation, Department of Transport

From a team coaching perspective, Sue was able to gain trust from the team to develop a baseline understanding of team culture.  Sue works with the team to assess where staff are at in their careers and the role they play within the team.  The independent review conducted by Sue has allowed improved staff morale, workplace behaviours and supported staff to make informed decisions.  Sue’s coaching renders great results in building a resilient team.  

Jim Karabinis, Acting Director, Service Delivery at Moonee Valley City Council

I’m speaking for myself and for many of my colleagues at the City of Melbourne who were so very fortunate to be participants in the Unshakeable Leaders program right in the midst of the heavy lockdowns during the pandemic during a Victorian winter. The program gave me many insights into myself as a Leader and the role I need to play to care for self and my team members in times of crisis. Celebrating small successes, every day (I love the dopamine hits); how you can choose your state of mind to help or do yourself a disservice; how to ask Meta questions (both of myself and others) were just some of the highlights. Sue delivers such valuable content backed up by research, you really shouldn’t miss her Unshakeable Leaders program.

Joelene Schembri, Director Customer Relations, City of Melbourne

Sue Anderson, will provoke you to challenge yourself and explore who you are at the core.

This will support you to be the Leader you want to be.

Mary Agostino, Director, Mitchell Shire Council

Sue’s Team Re-Connect workshop is highly engaging and would benefit anyone who would like to explore ways of improving team connectability, appreciation and understanding of each other’s work qualities and values.

Julie McLean, Manager City Strategy & Development Warrnambool City Council

Sue Anderson’s Unshakeable Leaders Program gave me some great tools to develop my leadership abilities. The course content was engaging and relevant, and I really appreciated Sue’s after-course contact to check in and ensure that all my development needs were met.

Angela Ruyg, Business Support Officer – Bypass Planning, Department of Transport

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your caring approach through the recent Unshakeable Leaders program. The program has seen Leaders within my team reflect on leadership challenges resulting from the COVID pandemic, and focus on their own mental health and wellbeing as they continue to build resilient and empowered teams through this difficult time. The Leadership team appreciated your guidance and the tools that were provided through the program.

Sam Romaszko, Manager Engineering Services, Melton City Council

Before working with Sue I felt stuck - in my beliefs and my job.  After working with Sue I feel entirely different - I have an abundance of new energy and confidence, a sense of purpose and a better understanding of my strengths and capabilities.

Joelene Schembri, Director Customer Relations, City of Melbourne

Sue’s training is unique, engaging and thought-provoking. Her sessions are tailored, therefore getting maximum response and results. I have found both her group and individual sessions really useful and her methods workable’.

Donna Williams, Customer Service Co-ordinator, City of Greater Dandenong

I engaged Sue Anderson on several occasions for individual and group coaching.  From an individual coaching perspective, Sue has a holistic approach in understanding a person’s needs, by gaining trust, respect and providing an opportunity to get to know the person as a whole.  Through exploration, reflection and feedback, Sue supported me to determine my life goals, career ambitions and professional development opportunities.  This greatly assists with prioritising my needs and developing focused sessions which had maximum impact.  Insights, self-reflection and development of new skills have been a benefit in the workplace and across many areas of my life.

Jim Karabinis, Acting Director, Service Delivery at Moonee Valley City Council

I have worked closely with Sue to improve the culture of a small but integral team within a large organisation.  Sue has a very good way of engaging the staff with the most difficult attitudes.  Her program is structured but flexible and adaptively changes along the way in accordance with how the participants are responding.  Sue is very confidential and respectful of all participants and manages to get the best out of people.  Her support and feedback has been monumental.  Sue was able to adapt her program to the virtual environment due to covid-19 restraints and has made the best of the technology available.

Carolyn Robertson, Director Ballarat Health Services

When I started the Unshakeable Leaders program with Sue, I was like, ‘Here we go - another feel-good course’. But Sue made me think and challenged my beliefs. it was a case of the right motivation and mindset at the right time. Sue encouraged me to start reading more on self-motivation and mindset I found it also helped my staff to rethink and cope with being in lockdown and learning new ways to work and approach work and life.

Gavin Bilnman, Director Community Development & Well-being, Yarriambiack Shire Council

I was privileged to organise an intriguing training with my team on Offering and Receiving Feedback with our most experienced Feedback Fitness trainer Sue Anderson

The outcome of the training was extremely positive and everyone who participated, benefited the most as the training offered everyone something either as a refresher, reassurance, reinforcement or lots of new learning of the best practices in the performance review process.

Thanks to our Trainer, Sue Anderson, who has given the team enough tips to create a culture where offering and receiving feedback is normal. I strongly believe that this is a key attribute for high-performing teams.

Jay Jeyakanthan Manager Project Management Office at Swan Hill Rural City Council

Recently I have been fortunate to have my employer Colac Otway Shire, invest in my own and my team’s personal development.  Personally, this has been an amazing experience and one that has enlightened me about myself and my learning.  It enabled me to reignite my passion for my growth and my career. I understand my impact on others and have developed the confidence to manage difficult situations and confront my fears. Not only that but I have gained an amazing mentor who is still supporting me to this day. Encouraging me to be my best and to shoot for the stars. Thank you Sue for helping me to shine! You are wonderful!

Maree East, Coordinator Corporate Customer Service, Colac Otway Shire

Sue’s Unshakable Communication workshop was a great introduction to the various human shields, emotional responses, and effective solutions for the team. The team now has a much better understanding of human bonding and communication techniques following this workshop. They feel confident applying these techniques going forward. 

Very beneficial and would highly recommend it. 

Sainath Tavate, Coordinator Stormwater and Drainage, Infrastructure, Traffic and Civil Engineering at Swan Hill Rural City Council.

Sue ran a tailored ‘Unshakeable at Work’  workshop for our team of 30 women working within the construction industry. Sue made the experience of engagement through to debrief seamless and enjoyable, as well as provided clear and tangible takeaways through her engaging workshop. It was a delight to have Sue join our team for the day to learn helpful tips to take away into our day-to-day lives. Thank you for taking the time to understand our organisation and team to deliver a workshop that hit the key deliverables as well as having fun.

Bronte Kerr, Business Development Manager, Shape

I am really grateful for Sue’s support, she is one of those rare people that make a real difference in people’s lives. Before working with Sue I felt like I was on a fast-moving merry-go-round.  I felt overwhelmed with all the things I wanted to achieve but lacked the energy and motivation to get there.  After working with Sue, I have a renewed focus and energy.  Sue’s warm nature and empathy paired with simple and easy-to-understand language has allowed me to de-code the areas where I get stuck and proactively choose actions and beliefs that give me energy and empower me to be my best across all areas of my life.  

Leah Johansen, Organisation Development Adviser, City of Greater Bendigo

Sue provided a safe and supportive environment for me to discuss, work on and allow growth.  She offered me invaluable tools I now implement daily. Thank you, Sue.

Felicity Harte, Alcohol & other drug Counsellor, Ballarat Community Health

I highly recommend Sue as a presenter and expert in the field of improving psychological wellbeing to enhance performance and resilience of Employees and Leaders. Sue consistently delivers engaging, professional training in a way that people can take away practical tools to help themselves.

Sharyn Rayner, Learning & Development, Colac Otway Council

I always leave one of your sessions thinking differently and it’s wonderful to know that the team as a whole has shared the same experience, so they get it!! Last week one of my team members even shared a curious insight into a customer experience, and we all got it!

Doxie Watts, Team Leader Customer Service, East Gippsland Shire Council

Sue's team development session at the Port of Melbourne was exceptional, engaging the team for the full day and delivering actionable outcomes that surpassed our expectations. I highly recommend her as a Leadership Coach for organisations seeking to enhance teamwork and achieve meaningful results.

Andrew Wright, Head of Infrastructure Delivery - Major Projects | Infrastructure 
Port of Melbourne 

Sue was amazing, she helped me understand who I was and gave me the tools and strategies that enabled me to grow as a person which changed the way I deal with people on a professional and personal level.

Tamee Mulraney, Business Development & Tourism Officer, West Wimmera Shire Council

Sue gave our team a lot to think about with her Unshakeable program, in easy-to-apply and understand language. Sue is warm and engaging and I would strongly recommend her training.

Michelle Childs, Team Leader Assessment, Frankston City Council

Sue’s presentations were very informative and inspiring for our cohort. We had great feedback from our athletes, their families & coaches, with many noting that they found Sue’s presentations to be very valuable and insightful. The 3-Part Unshakeable series that Sue ran for our cohort was very popular and was received very well amongst the group.

Tahlee Van Roosmalen, Administration & Operations Officer, FedUni WestVic Academy of Sport

Having started a new management position within State Government, I was fortunate to receive a series of one-on-one coaching sessions with Sue just as I was getting to grips with my new role and new organisation.  By talking through many of my early challenges, Sue provided me with different techniques and approaches that have helped increase my confidence as a Leader and which I’m certain I will carry with me throughout my career.  I’d highly recommend Sue to anyone interested in professional coaching. 

Jon Liston, Manager Precincts Transport Advice, Department of Transport and Planning 

Sue’s approach to coaching has had a positive impact to my development and targeted skill areas in Management. By being able to go through key learning areas, using references and resources, I have developed my skill and delivery in management, in particular areas of facilitating the management of a large service area.

Sue’s approach is of an individualised level. Sue has always encouraged me to self-identify areas of conversation and tailoring a dedicated coaching approach to my style and needs. I have loved every minute of engaging in my coaching session with Sue.

Kelsey Hayes, Program Manager, Residential Care, Anglicare Victoria

One of the most useful training sessions I have ever attended, both for work and life.

Martin Richardson, Manager Planning East Gippsland Shire Council

Sue supported me through a personal, developed process which has enabled me to successfully return to work in a high-pressure, constantly changing and challenging environment. Her resources, tools and program have enabled me to develop processes to better manage my personal beliefs and behaviours in more positive ways.

Craig Eldridge, Manager Infrastructure Planning, Design & Delivery, Noosa Council

Sue’s coaching not only improved my confidence and self-esteem, but also honed my communication skills to prepare for an upcoming interview!

Natasha Stoikos, (Acting) Senior Parks Operations Officer, City of Melbourne

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