Sue's most popular speaking categories include Resilience, Leadership and Communication. Choose from one of Sue’s signature keynotes for your conference or off-site workshops.

Audiences describe Sue’s style as engaging, casual, relaxed, yet powerful.  She values and encourages audience participation by quickly putting everyone at ease. She speaks to teh heart of the topics with her thought provoking questions.

Keynote: Leading ‘Interesting’ people

Some of the challenges often faced by leaders are:

  • Personality clashes, causing tension within teams

  • Leaders constantly putting out people’s fires

  • Worried about the risk of bullying claims/stress leave

  • Concerned good people will resign.

This presentation will cover:

  • The number one way to spot ‘interesting’ people in your workplace

  • Three common ways ‘interesting’ people show up in your organisation

  • Three simple strategies you can use to lead ‘interesting’ people.

Keynote: Feedback Fitness

Three strategies for leaders to feel more confident and courageous when giving feedback.

Are you a leader who would like to feel more confident and less hesitant when offering feedback?

Often leaders face some of these challenges:

  • Fearful about how feedback will be received and worried a complaint will be made against them if they muck it up.

  • Thinking they should already have these skills, they are a leader - 'I can't admit I struggle with this stuff'.

  • Worried about damaging the relationships with the people they lead – so they avoid giving feedback.

  • They are worried good people will leave if they are not used to being held accountable and they start now.

This presentation will cover:

  • he number one thing many leaders fail to do when offering feedback

  • Three common strategies you can implement to prepare your teams for receiving feedback

  • Introduction to the Feedback Fitness Framework.

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