Openness to Feedback: The ingredient to sustained success

Openness to Feedback: The ingredient to sustained success

The Christmas break is a great chance to read those books you’ve been meaning to read or listen to some Podcasts.  A friend of mine told me about a fabulous Podcast, ‘The Howie Games’.


Sports journalist, Mark Howard, interviews a range of athletes, from a variety of sports.  Being an athlete, I’ve been captivated, and after listening to an interview with Lydia Lassila, I have developed a girl crush!

Lydia is a FIVE time Olympian. A former gymnast, she was introduced to aerial skiing in her teens and went on to become the best in the world.   Listen to her interview here.

As I was listening to Lydia, I was curious about what makes her such a champion. I wondered about her ability to take feedback. Thirty minutes into the interview she shared:

‘I could take in feedback really well. For a coach, all they want is to give feedback and for the athlete to make the change. You get athletes that can make the change in one go, or it takes them ages. I’m the kind of athlete that will make the change straight away. If you tell me to do something, I will do it…and so you learn quickly’.

Could this approach to feedback contribute to Lydia’s ongoing success? My guess is – absolutely! The ability to be able to take feedback is vital to your growth and learning, in your sporting endeavours, and in your career.

If you would like to know how to move up the Feedback Readiness Ladder to be more open to receiving feedback, please contact Sue Anderson.