Feedback Fitness

Three Simple Steps for leaders to have Courageous Conversations that drive performance.


‘Fitness’ is not a word usually associated with feedback. Yet, when leaders want to have real impact on performance within their organisation, the feedback fitness of all key players is vital. When leaders can provide useful, effective feedback with courage and confidence, the impact of feedback increases tenfold.

Sue Anderson has created a new feedback framework, one that provides leaders with the process, structure and formula for successful feedback conversations.  This book will show leaders the three simple steps they can take to enhance the quality of the feedback they are offering, and at the same time nurture relationships and build trust.

The second half of the book focuses on (the often-forgotten skill) of how leaders can be more open to the feedback offered to them.  The book also explores how leaders can help their team members be able to receive feedback without taking it personally. The book contains strategies and tools so leaders can get their teams talking about feedback.  In other words, how to create a feedback fit culture for both offering and receiving feedback.