Unshakeable at Work

How to stop taking things personally and start building resilience so you can thrive in a customer service environment.


Do you work in a demanding customer service role? 

Are you constantly feeling worn down by grumpy or unreasonable customers or clients?

If yes, this book is for you.

Imagine being able to walk out the door at the end of the day without having used up all your niceness. Imagine being able to enjoy your Sunday without dreading going back to work.

You can have a life outside of work and have the energy to do things you enjoy on weekends. You can have a great day at work, even if someone tries to push your buttons. You can reduce your stress levels. This book will show you how.

You will learn simple, easy-to-use strategies you can apply instantly.  No mumbo jumbo, no fluffy, airy-fairy stuff, just practical tips so you look forward to work, enjoy being there and go home happy.

Sue Anderson has been helping people develop resilience to thrive in high-pressure work environments since 2007. Now she shares the keys to Unshakeability with you.

This book helped me to be more unshakeable. I only wish I had it when I first started on the phones!
Jack, Call Centre

The main message I got is I have the power to choose the way I feel and think. Until I accept responsibility for the role I play in creating or maintaining it, my stress levels will remain outside of my control.
Emily, Customer Service 

I used these strategies this week on an abusive customer – they worked!
Allison, Sales