Meet Sue

As a Speaker, Trainer, Author, Coach and Mentor, Sue utilises her cutting-edge methodology to help Leaders and teams move from a place of feedback fear to a "Feedback Fit" culture. This means that organisations can have courageous and confident conversations that enhance performance. Sue has many years of experience as a public speaker. She has presented at a wide variety of formal and informal events to a wide variety of audiences.

Sue has worked across many industries including with Leaders in government, education and training, manufacturing, mining, electricity, gas, water and waste services, transport, healthcare and finance.

Sue is obsessed with Feedback Fitness.

Sue has developed the world-leading and unique Feedback Fitness framework that provides a step-by-step structure to ensure feedback conversations promote psychological safety.

Sue works with clients including local councils, businesses and organisations. A sought-after speaker, she speaks on topics such as:

• Feedback
• Self-esteem
• Motivation
• Communication
• Leadership

Experience in working with Government.

Sue has worked in more than 35 different local councils as well as many State Government departments. 

What some people have said after working with her:

“ In the short time I have been receiving coaching, my relationships with a number of people have drastically changed … for the better; Sue has made me realise aspects of myself that result in pressure being placed (and with that anxiety) and to recognise this and change my habits … for the better.”

“ I had multiple sessions and Sue was able to help. Sue has always been professional in her approach, listened attentively and been able to constructively probe and question believes in order to find clarity for the situation.”

“I was reluctant to step outside of my comfort zone and as a result was not taking advantage of certain business opportunities. This is another area that Sue focused on with great success. With her assistance, I have been able to completely change my perception in this area with very real and direct benefits.”

Other stuff Sue loves.

Sue also provides mental skills coaching for elite athletes and is a qualified Mediator.

Outside of work, she is a keen (OK - obsessed) runner - oh and better mention her husband and 3 kids too!

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