Meet Sue

Sue Anderson is a highly sought-after resilience and empowerment expert, leading teams and working with leaders for over 15 years. She is an author, mediator, speaker, trainer and a professional coach. Sue helps leaders, organisations and teams to be more empowered through their beliefs, choices and esteem.

Sue has worked across many industries including with leaders in government, education and training, manufacturing, mining, electricity, gas, water and waste services, transport, healthcare and finance.

Sue is a resilience and empowerment expert and promotes choice.

  • She is passionate about helping leaders and teams to have more choice.

  • Choice around leading ‘Interesting’ teams who have ‘big personalities’ within them.

  • Choice around how leaders can lead teams in a way that reduces a toxic culture.

  • Choice around how to respond when someone is abusive, or we receive feedback.

What makes Sue’s approach unique?

Sue loves helping leaders who lead high conflict teams.  She loves helping complex team dynamics and is not afraid (in fact enjoys) the challenge of working with high conflict teams.

Experience in working with Government.

Sue has worked in more than 35 different local councils as well as many State Government departments. 

Other stuff Sue loves.

Sue also provides metal skills coaching for elite athletes and is a qualified Mediator.

Outside of work, she is a keen (OK - obsessed) runner - oh and better mention her husband and 3 kids too!

Sue Anderson
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