Receiving Feedback – When is a good time?

Receiving Feedback – When is a good time?

Recently I asked 127 people what factors impact their openness to receiving feedback at work.  Twenty-six percent stated, ‘When the feedback was delivered’ as a factor.

When we are giving feedback, often we think about when it’s the right time for the receiver.

  • Is the person currently fragile due to things going on in their personal life? 

  • Will I wait until after they finish the major project they are working on? 

  • I can see they are under the pump today – I’ll do it tomorrow.

And it’s lovely that the feedback giver, often your manager, is so thoughtful.   (Customers, however, are usually less thoughtful and give you feedback whenever it suits them.  Unfortunately, they don’t know what kind of day you are having, or what’s going on in your personal life!)

  • If you could choose when you were to receive feedback (from your manager), when would that be?

  • How do you let your manager know that?

  • How easy is it for your manager to find ‘the right time’ to give you feedback?

The last question is something to consider, as of the same 127 people I surveyed, fifty percent wished they had received feedback sooner. Seventy-four percent found feedback really useful and sixty-nine percent were grateful for feedback.

If you would like to know how to move up the Feedback Readiness Ladder to be more open to receiving feedback, please contact Sue Anderson.