Unshakeable Teams

Reduce conflict and increase cohesion in your teams in the next 90 days.

Support team members to feel more calm, confident, and connected within their team.
Are you a CEO, HR Manager or Director finding that:
  • Conflict within teams is frustrating, time-consuming and expensive.

  • HR are finding themselves constantly putting fires out and unable to focus on important strategic initiatives.

  • Investigations and stress claims are time-consuming and expensive.

  • Your Leaders are stuck trying to sort out people issues - instead of concentrating on the job the team needs to do.

  • There is an increased risk of good Leaders and team members leaving.

Leaders are saying they are:
  • Wanting to reduce friction in their teams.

  • Losing time dealing with people-issues when they could be doing the work they were employed to do.

  • Noticing the team feels awkward and people are disengaging.

  • Worried good people will leave their team and concerned about the time and energy wasted replacing them.

  • Concerned they are going to be accused of bullying when they hold people accountable or make unpopular changes.

It’s time to change. It’s time for teams to become Unshakeable.


Shakeable: Teams who are shakeable have the highest risk of bullying, harassment, and stress claims. They feel dis-empowered and dis-engaged. They react to challenge and change. They need to focus on care because they are in danger of burnout or leaving the organisation.

Stressed: If teams are stressed their productivity and engagement is reduced. According to Dr. Bruce Perry, connection is the best buffer to stress. It’s important they team members connect with themselves, their purpose, their teams, and their organisation.

Stable: Teams who sit at the stable level have good days and bad days. Their productivity is inconsistent. Their confidence is on rocky ground. It’s important they build up their confidence to avoid slipping down into the stressed or shakeable level.

Strong: When teams are strong, their next challenge is increasing their courage to have the often-difficult conversations that need to be had and back themselves as they make courageous leadership decisions. They courageously face challenges and change head-on.

Unshakeable: Unshakeable teams have the lowest risk of bullying, harassment, and stress claims. The team members are empowered and engaged. They have a choice in how they respond to challenges and change.

The Solution: Mindset + Power + Beliefs


Mindset: Concentrates on the individuals developing useful beliefs, thinking styles, and increasing flexibility in their thinking. The benefit will be individuals who are more open to listening to others, more agile in their approach, and more self-aware.

Power: Focuses on the power to choose and be responsible and accountable for their beliefs, emotions, actions, and words. This means they are more likely to provide useful feedback and hold others accountable. They will have the courageous conversations that many teams avoid.

Esteem: Explores how individuals choose to value themselves and consider themselves as worthy. They learn to separate their self-worth from their performance. This means they are better equipped to receive feedback and make the changes suggested to them to take their skills to the next level.

The Unshakeable Teams program is ideal for teams:

  • With one or more ‘big’ or ‘interesting’ personalities.

  • With current and/or a history of high conflict.

  • Who are newly formed teams, e.g., because of a re-structure.

  • Where the teams/organisation has experienced significant change.

  • Where teams are about to experience significant change.

  • Who face potential abuse from customers/stakeholders.

  • Who have had a lack of leadership/haven't been held accountable in the past.

  • Where the leader has moved from peer to leader.

  • Are fearful/resistant to receiving feedback.

The Unshakeable Teams program is NOT ideal for teams:

  • Who are high-performing teams.

  • Who have an empowered culture.

  • Who communicate respectfully with each other and others.

  • Have a culture where feedback is respectfully offered and graciously received.

  • Who are well-connected with each other, the organisation and community.

By the end of the program, your team will:

  • Increase their resilience and empowerment in times of uncertainty.

  • Reduce the levels of stress they are experiencing.

  • Reduce the risk of bullying, harassment, and stress claims.

  • Increase retention and decrease resignations.

  • Increase team cohesion and collaboration.

The Unshakeable Teams Program includes:

Preparation Meeting with Leader: The purpose is to identify any gaps and inform content. This ensures the program is aligned with the very specific outcomes of the team.

Team Development Sessions: These are highly interactive, engaging sessions where team members have the opportunity to connect, collaborate and ask questions.

Individual Coaching Sessions: The purpose of the Individual Coaching sessions is to empower and increase the confidence of team members. These are safe spaces where individuals can share their previously unspoken fears and concerns about the team.

Unlimited contact between sessions for all participants: The between-session support provides opportunities for team members to ask questions in real-time. The additional support creates an environment for implementation of the learning.

Additional Resources, include books, links, articles etc: Team members will receive additional resources to support their growth and development. A carefully selected collection of books, articles, links to Ted Talks, Podcasts etc. will be provided after each session. Individuals can choose to dive deeper into the content – or not.

Evaluation Survey and Report: An evaluation of the program will be provided. This includes a link to a Survey Monkey, anonymous feedback questionnaire which takes less than two minutes to complete. A summary report is provided to the organisation.

Debrief and recommendations meeting with Leader: The purpose of this meeting is for Sue to provide feedback and information on how the sessions were received, as well as any recommendations moving forward.

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